Winter Driving -Emergency Car Kit

Before a Winter Storm: Prepare Your Vehicle

 Prepare your car for winter.
o Have your car systems serviced; check the battery, antifreeze, wipers, etc. o Replace wiper fluid with a wintertime mixture.
o Replace worn tires; check the air pressure in the tires.
o Keep the gas tank full to avoid ice in the tank or fuel lines.

 Prepare a survival kit for your car that includes: o Blankets/sleeping bags

o Extra winter clothes (mittens, hats, scarves), boots

o High calorie, non-perishable food (e.g., unsalted nuts, dried fruit); hard candy can help keep your mouth moist

o A can and waterproof matches to melt snow for drinking water o Flashlight, extra batteries, battery powered radio, first aid kit o Shovel, windshield scraper
o Road salt, sand or cat litter

o Cell phone and charger
o Jumper cables, tow rope, tool kit o Compass and road maps

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