Fire Boat

With approximately 45 miles of lakeshore and thousands of homes and businesses located along the shores of East and West Okoboji and the lower chain of lakes, there is a critical need for a fire/rescue boat.  The Lakes Area Fire and Rescue Boat is a Boston Whaler that is specifically designed for firefighting and rescue operations.  It is 27 feet long and 10 feet wide.  Members of the Arnolds Park/Okoboji Fire and Rescue Department staff the boat.  With an unlimited supply of lake water, it will pump 1,500 gallons per minute through 3 lines to fire trucks at structure fires. There is a 36-inch section that opens like a door four inches above water level. Injured victims can be safely transported to the lake shore for medical assistance. The fireboat has the capability of shooting water up to 300 feet. The Lakes Area Fire and Rescue Boat is located between the Highway 71 bridge and the bike trail trestle bridge.